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Will Tell & the Big Bad Baron

Join plucky heroine Will as disguised as a knight she rides off on her donkey Rosina to rescue her folk hero dad Wilhelm Tell from the wicked Baron Boris’s deepest darkest dungeon.

Inspired by the exploits of her father and the tales of Robin Hood and Sir Lancelot, Will knows all about standing up to tyrants but nothing has prepared her for when the Baron’s daughter Edel falls madly in love with her and wants to be rescued too.

But can Will, with just pots and pans for armour and a farm donkey for a steed, rescue Edel and defeat the Big Bad Baron?

Don’t miss this fun-packed comic adventure which promises capers around castles, Strictly Come Medieval Dancing and a nail-biting joust on life-size horse puppets, woven together with engaging storytelling and catchy original songs.

Will Tell and the Big Bad Baron fuses Theatre Fideri Fidera’s characteristic rich mix of storytelling, comedy, music and song, and audience participation with Commedia dell-Arte style slapstick, buffoonery, heroes fighting against injustice, and satirical digs at contemporary public figures.


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Event Details

September 9th - 2023
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Running Time

  • 1 hr

Age Suitability

  • Recommended 3+ but fun for all the family