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Join us for the screening of Walking on Eggshells, a debut documentary from local Faversham filmmakers; Miriam Simmons and Marc Chazot.

This 30-minute documentary aims to shine a light on the dark world of Coercive Control.

We have used strong, arresting visuals and sound to bring home the destructive impact this form of control and abuse can have on people. The film is engaging, artistic, informative and sensitively tells the harrowing story of each participant as well as their ultimate escape to freedom.

The half-hour film will be followed by a short Q & A with the film’s directors Miriam & Marc, along with the support of a local DA charity, Sateda, to help advise.

The evening will also include
• Performance pieces by poet, Lee Walsh.
• Music by Helen North



Walking on Eggshells is haunting in its portrayal of coercive control. Its stark images of figures in shadow speaking behind screens, dolls with their mouths covered, and twitching hands draw a viewer in from the
very beginning, so aptly depicting what life is like in a relationship with a partner who “loves the power of seeing someone crumble.”
This film exquisitely combines a subdued feeling of horror with a balance of knowledge on this largely unknown topic from both anonymous victims as well as renowned experts in the fields of law and education. What I especially love is the window into the male perspective as a victim of this insidious type of abuse, so often ignored when it comes to the topic of domestic violence. Despite the darkness of this topic, it was encouraging to see how all the victims managed to free themselves from these toxic relationships and reclaim what had been stolen from them for far too long – joy in their lives!

– Been there got out https://beentheregotout.com/


“I was struck by the creativity of Walking on Eggshells and the way it tenderly amplifies the voices and experiences of the survivors while raising general public awareness about the rate, patterns, and complexity of domestic abuse. It should be required viewing.”

– Juliette Lyon, Campaigns and Marketing Assistant Sateda (Domestic abuse charity)


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12th May - 2023
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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