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On the evening of Sunday 12th October 1941 more than three hundred bombers took off from airfields across England. It was to be the greatest British air attack of the war so far. Their targets? Armament factories in Nuremberg and Bremen. Of the ninety nine aircraft ordered to bomb Bremen there was just one of the new Handley Page Halifax’s, the four-engine bomber introduced only a year before. The plane was Halifax L9561 of 76 Squadron, based at RAF Middleton St. George in County Durham.

Its eight strong crew was experienced but young. The Canadian pilot, Sgt Elmer Muttart was just twenty three years old. In our film we recount the events of that night. We learn about the unique strengths and weaknesses of the Halifax itself. The skills of the engineers and ground crew who prepared the planes ready for action, night after night. We get an impression of what life was like for the men and women stationed at Middleton St. George.

We follow the journey of L9561, over the North Sea into danger in the skies above Friesland in the Netherlands. And we learn of the remarkable heroism displayed by its young pilot. His heroism and self-sacrifice. Because this was to be THE LAST FLIGHT of HALIFAX L9561.

The Last Flight of Halifax L9561 evening hosted by Mike Cosgrove.

We hope that you will stay on after the event as Barry and Terry Hunt will answer your questions regarding the making of the film. Historian, Geoff Hill, whose technical advice was invaluable, will answer your questions via a Zoom link regarding the Halifax and Middleton St George airfield.


Recent Reviews

“Wonderful documentary. If that’s your idea of amateur… can’t wait to see when you go professional” – Paddy.7784

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“Thanks for an amazing insight into the intrinsic of the Halifax” – Andrewholburn3094

“Remarkable film. Thank you” – MikeBaird80

“What a splendid, well researched, and moving film” – Terryroots5023

“A wonderful documentary – informative, poignant, and not at all sensationalist” – Cameronpaterson4708

“The last 20 minutes of this I watched through a veil of tears” – Paulyflyer8154

“The amount of effort that must have gone into producing this is amazing. Much respect!” – Iancarr8682

“Wonderful Documentry with a lot of detail on both the aircraft and the crew.” – Paul Durkee

“A very well-produced documentary. As good as anything produced by a professional production company.” – Jeremy Rowley

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31st March - 2023
7:30 pm

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  • 2 Hours

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  • Free Entry: Donations welcomed