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Kings Gym are back to showcase its local boxing talent!


About Kings Gym – The gym was founded originally as a place for one of its trainers, professional boxer James, to train when he was away from London. After Anthoney, James’ dad officially took over James’ training the gym was expanded and became home to many white-collar and unlicensed boxers who either trained just to keep fit or to compete in the many local circuits. After many years of success on various circuits the Gym was officially named and established as Kings Gym.

More success followed over the next couple of years in the unlicensed game before the gym moved in a new direction, one which we had been planning to take for a while and this was to the amateur boxing scene. For years the head coaches of the gym had wanted an opportunity to bring through younger boxers aswell as the well established senior section. Now affiliated with the London ABA, Kings Gym now has this opportunity and is currently developing the champions of the future aswell as hosting local amateur boxing shows which will give boxers the platform to showcase their skills on a regular basis.

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February 11th - 2023
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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  • On The Door: £15.00