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Are you stuck? Faced with thoughts of change but not sure how to move on or get out of your comfort zone? Wanting to explore your Life’s Purpose? Then a change of mindset and perspective is just what you need to get you on track. Life is a journey: Come and learn how to be intuitively inspired with these introductory workshops throughout July.

These hour-long workshops will have informal interaction and topic based content.

~How to get out your head and work from your heart – to find your Soul Purpose.

~How to embrace your shadows and step into the light of self-empowerment.

~How colours (Chakras) empower you.

~How to turn negativity into positivity.

Raphaela is a Teacher and an Intuitive Inspirationalist. Inviting you to Ignite-Your-Light within, and explore your Soul Purpose. Raising questions about what makes you ‘light-up’, find your inner voice and see life in a more positive way.

Bookings: Mobile: 07828277616 Email: igniteyourlight@btinternet.com

£10 per session.

Find Raphaela on Instagram, TikTok @igniteyourlight0 or Facebook under Raphaela Port.

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7th July - 2022
10:00 am - 11:00 am

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  • : £10