50 Years of Fender

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Described as INNOVATIVE and UNIQUE, 50 Years of Fender is a show like no other –  telling the fascinating story of the iconic 🎸 Fender Stratocaster 🎸across it’s most 5 important decades. This live and commercial show takes audiences through the incredible story of how the world’s most recognisable guitar became the iconic instrument we all know and love – told through the biggest songs and the influential players that made it such an important part of making music. 
Join us for this astounding 2 hour rock n roll rollercoaster of amazing music and fascinating stories.Celebrating the Fender Stratocaster
… a rollercoaster ride through 70 years of timeless classics and inspirational players that made the Stratocaster the very definition of an electric guitar.

50 Years of Fender takes music fans on a rollercoaster ride through the history of the Fender Stratocaster through the players that made it great and the songs that made us fall in love with its unique sound.

A FULLY LIVE and commercial show featuring songs that we all know and love, peppered with fascinating history charting the Stratocaster’s journey from the very beginning of popular music, right up to the 2000s.

Featuring a full live band of world class Professional music fans.

How did the Stratocaster become the very personification of the “electric guitar”….? Come and experience it as we take a journey through 50 Years of Fender.



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November 22nd - 2024
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Doors Open

  • 6:30 pm

Running Time

  • 2 hours

Event Type

  • Seated

Ticket Price

  • General Admission: £19